Time Sure Does Fly By! Summer’s Just Around the Corner

Can't wait for the summer! Photo courtesy of Lucia Flores

Can’t wait for the summer! Photo courtesy of Lucia Flores

I honestly cannot believe half of the year is almost over. It seems like I barely started working the new school year not too long ago, and summer school is already going to be in a few weeks! Why does time fly by so quickly when you’re older? I remember as a little kid, it seemed like FOREVER for Christmas to come. Well, that’s life and I must deal lol.

In retrospect, I’m really happy summer is finally here. There are a lot of cool events I’m looking forward to in the summertime, and I’d like to share some of them in case any of these are of interest to you:

626 Night Market, Arcadia, CA – This is a great event if you’re a fan of food. Offering a variety of Asian cuisine and more, the 626 Night Market is held three weekends during the summer at Santa Anita Park/Racetrack in Arcadia, CA. It’s a great place for family and friends to hang out and check out the food, vendors, art, music, and more. Visit www.626NightMarket.com for more information.

MPK Night Market, Monterey Park, CA – The Monterey Park Night Market offers a variety of food as well as vendors, art, games, and more. The event is held at Barnes Park in Monterey Park, CA. Visit www.MPKNightMarket.com for more information.

Wheelchair Wash, East Los Angeles, CA – The Wheelchair Wash is held every summer at the East LA Civic Center. There are a number of activities for attendees, such as free wheelchairs tune-ups, hair cuts, and live entertainment. There will also be information available regarding community and health resources. Visit www.lovefamiliaunida.org for more information.

Anime Expo, Los Angeles, CA – The 2015 Anime Expo returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center during the Fourth of July weekend. There’s a lot of cool stuff to check out here, like anime, manga, panels, workshops, exhibit hall, dances, and live entertainment. Visit www.anime-expo.org for more information.

Comic Art Expo & Exhibition, Baldwin Park, CA – The City of Baldwin Park will be hosting the 2015 Comic Art Expo at the ARC Center near City Hall. This event features local comic book artists, workshops, and panels, and a comic art exhibit. Visit www.baldwinpark.com for more information.

Thank for reading and wish you all a great summer! 🙂




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