A Groundbreaking, Bakshi, and Some Lucha Libre!

Armed with a camera, I set off to the field

Armed with a camera, I head off to the field. Photo by Lucia Flores.

Hello everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your holiday/Spring Break/vacation. It has been quite a while since I last updated, but I’m back with more awesome stuff here on my MalditaStereo blog.

I recently was assigned to cover a Groundbreaking Ceremony for Mid Valley News, a local newspaper in the San Gabriel Valley.  This task proved to be a sort of history lesson/discovery for me. The area where  a new media center is to be built is the exact same spot where my Grandpa used to work in the 60s/70s. I was told by family that it used to be a La Victoria chili factory, and my Grandpa had worked there for years. It’s very interesting that I was assigned to go to this very spot, a bit eery but hopeful. I just might go to the local museum to see if they have any photos of how the factory used to look. That would be very cool indeed. Below is a bit of video that I filmed of the event:


And speaking of cool, I was able to attend an extremely cool event at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica not too long ago: A double-screening of Lord of the Rings and Wizards with a Q & A session featuring animation legend Ralph Bakshi!  It was wonderful! I am a big fan of Bakshi’s work, and I was super stoked to see him in person as well 🙂 I even wore my favorite tank with the Necron 99/Peace character from Wizards. The whole event was super awesome and Mr. Bakshi gave the audience great advice and info. Check out some of the Q & A session below:


Last but not least, I went to another great show from the EWF Empire Wrestling Federation. I took my mom this time because she had to work last time I went. She grew up watching Freddie Blassie and screaming “Bite! Freddie, Bite!” so I knew she was going to have fun. The show was also a fundraiser for the local high school baseball team, so the gym was pretty packed.  It was exciting, and my mom said she liked it so that was good. Check out some of the action below:


Well, that’s it for now.  Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! 🙂


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